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This page is essentially a list of things you can watch, listen to, or download, to give you an idea of the sort of work I do.
Particularly with regard to voice samples, if there's something specific you have in mind that I don't have listed here, please get in touch.

Voice clips:
Corporate voicereel
Extract from "The Last Enchantment"
(Mary Stewart)
"Billingsgate Improved"
a poetic article from the
1899 London Daily Chronicle

Clips from
  • "Dead Wait" (Take 3 Productions) directed by Chris Dale.
  • "Kind Regards" (University of Westminster) directed by Ben Wheatley
  • "Secrets of CEOs" (Low Fat Films) directed by Ben Hilton

The Lonely Tale of King Furciel"
A cautionary fairy tale for adults.
Written, illustrated and animated by Ben Leto and voiced my me.

This is Part One. Parts Two, Three, and Four also available,
or, to watch all four in succession without all that tedious clicking, go here.

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